Report On Catholic Church(France), Its Findings and Religious Sentiments…….

The Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in The Church was set up in 2018 at the request of the Catholic Church in France in response to growing criticism of its handling of unethical activities in churches. The Commission submitted Its report of 2500 pages on Tuesday dated October 05, 2021 revealing that Clergy members in the Roman Catholic Church in France sexually abused more than 200,000 minors over the past seven decades. It also figured out that the problem was much more pervasive and systematic than earlier known.

While submitting the report Jean- Marc Sauve, The President of Commission remarked at a News Conference in Paris on Tuesday(October 05, 2021,“The church failed to see or hear, failed to pick up on the weak signals, failed to take the rigorous measures that were necessary.” For years, the church showed a “deep, total and even cruel indifference toward victims,” 

Éric de Moulins-Beaufort, the archbishop of Reims and the president of the Bishop’s Conference of France, called the commission’s findings alarming and expressed his shame, saying;

“Their voice moves us deeply. Their number overwhelms us, It goes beyond what we might have imagined,” he added. “Today, I want to ask for your forgiveness.”

We can’t put all priests in same line that is drawn in the report submitted by Commission. We also can’t deny the role of those clergymen who showed the right path to the people and offered their whole lives for the betterment of Humanity. We can still find such souls working on Noble Causes. No doubt, with this report some pious and respected priests suffered a lot and they publicly felt shame also.

We often live life on two pedestal, One is mind and another is body. What is going on in our mind is not clear to society, until or unless It turns into some kind of actions. We move pillar to post to meet the demands of our body and we forget to pay attentions towards our mind which adopts needs of body and starts catering to body automatically.

Special education is given in seminary to those who chose to be priests as they are to become spiritual master. They are taught how to deal with every aspect of life, but this Incident, put a question mark on the functioning of Educational Institutions also. It seems to be that they(Clergymen) are trained to perform rituals in the name of spiritualism. Moreover, spirituality can’t be taught as it is the inner voyage of Individuals who practise it.

How can a teacher edifies his students those things that he, himself doesn’t practise? Really the above said report moves the whole God Fearing World. It indicates towards hollowness in the character of those persons who are authorized to guide the society inwardly and outwardly.

The Holy places are meant to uplift the souls, show the divine path and cater the spiritual needs so that one could live life in ecstacy putting aside his distress and apathy. If the people visiting in pious places, start becoming prey to the so called clergymen, then It is natural to come into mind from where they can receive the ray of light. No Religion in this World does ever proclaim this kind of teachings then why the so called Priests involved in these practices? How can these clerics preach people with such type of exploits? But main question is;

Why did the clergymen indulge in aforesaid practices?

The rift between preaching and practising denotes towards the fakeness of their life. It is easy to follow any religion and become follower or Priest of that but It is quite hard to walk on Spiritual path shown by Prophets. Issues pop up, when we start preaching principles of religion to other people without Implementing those in our own lives. Religion enlightens us how to become master of our senses without suppressing the forces of them(Senses). Spiritualism is a journey of inside and to go inside, prophecy should be observed in love and spirits. When we get deprived of spirits, the religious practices become fake and rituals.

Religious Sentiments: Not only does this report expose the functioning of Catholic Churches, but it hurts the sentiments of those who have faith on them. The main concern is belief of people that matters more as they don’t expect such happenings from revered Institutions. Few people of having poor mentality, become the cause of shame for those also who are honestly dedicated to the service of society.

Measures should be taken seriously and truly so that such type issues could be evaded in future……


One thought on “Report On Catholic Church(France), Its Findings and Religious Sentiments…….”

  1. Thank you for making us aware of such ethical and virtuous life lessons.You have such a great insight!!
    Keep shining and risings !!


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