The wonder of Innermost

Let me start with the historical stuff related to the martyrdom of 5th Guru of Sikhs named Guru Arjun Dev Ji. He was forced to sit on the burning red hot Tavi by the contemporary Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The Guru Ji was calm and composed while sitting on red hot iron plate .

Now question arises how could one sit on fire with at ease and without any reaction? This was possible only with the inner power what the Guru Ji had. Until and unless we explore our inner potential, we live our life in dark and slavery.

I usually quote a story of an elephant tightened with a rope. Actually I had read this story in my childhood but honestly the depth of it was not clear at that time. How can a huge animal like elephant be held with a simple rope ? The answer of this question is rooted in the psyche of the elephant. When as a calf (Baby of Elephant) it is caught and tightened with a simple rope .It (Calf) tries to break the rope and gets failure and this experience is engrossed in its (Calf) subconscious mind.

Now the real issue starts which remains continue with elephant for rest of its life. The fear of failure it experienced as a calf. Due to this, a large animal like elephant with the power of rooting out even big trees, is held with a simple rope because it stops trying.

We can discuss this story from different aspects i.e. the calf grew physically and turned elephant but the experience it had as a calf remained same.

It can be associated to the Classical Conditioning Theory given by Pavlov. According to this theory there is a pairing of the rope and the elephant.

So extract of this story is illusion. With this type of illusion we spend our whole life. We usually remain in oscillation like a pendulum of clock while facing ups and downs in life. Usually we live our life working with outer world.

Fear comes out of illusion. Illusion creates duality. So illusion is the factory of different types of disorders , society facing now in these days. Then, how can we overcome illusion?

Introspection is required . The persons who did inward journey,they came out of darkness(Illusion),became fearless as i cited above, they sang songs of Waheguru(God)while sitting on red hot iron plate.

The mind is everything. What you think you become so. All the Miracles Happen in this area.Abundance of richness is there our inside . We must be able to explore that treasures. With the help of true Master, we can know our potential.

Let’s work on our innermost.

6 thoughts on “The wonder of Innermost”

  1. We merge into the elements ultimately, but how we live on earth with mindfulness and samriti among us is most important.. so words and examples chosen for this purpose are beyond praise n appericiation.. 👏👏wonderful job done.. keep it up… god bless your wisdom n you🙏

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  2. Absolutely right Mam🙏👏👏
    Intospecting ourselves is the most important..Well reflected thoughts ,illustrations and instances. It’s very inspiring 👍👍Keep motivating!! Good luck for your future.

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    1. On Sat, 11 Sep 2021 at 3:41 PM, The Master’s Smile wrote:

      > Ishita Arora commented: “Absolutely right Mam[image: 🙏][image: 👏][image: > 👏] Intospecting ourselves is the most important..Well reflected thoughts > ,illustrations and instances. It’s very inspiring [image: 👍][image: 👍]Keep > motivating!! Good luck for your future.” >


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